2011 Summer Movies in Review

Another summer, another bunch of movies sucking the money right out of our wallets. As ridiculous as it sounds I do get sucked into the summer blockbuster hype. This summer I saw more movies, and went to more midnight premiers then ever before. Truth is I spent a lot of money on movies, but it was worth it I had a ton of laughs. and for the most part was very entertained.

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Resident Evil 4 & Code Veronica HD In Motion

Surely you haven’t forgotten about the HD remakes of two classic Resident Evil games that will be dropping in September. RE: Code Veronica and RE4 are both gearing up for PSN and XBL release. Nothing new here to see really other than buffed up graphics that will make playing through these games a lot less painful. If you missed out on them, this is definitely a good time to get caught up, especially with the rumor of Resident Evil 6 being announced soon looming around the gaming world. Here goes a couple videos of gameplay to wet your chops.  Read the rest of this entry

$2 Movie Tickets at Fandango (SOLD OUT)

GROUPON is currently offering $2 movie tickets for up to a $12 value on Fandango.com. The limit is 2 tickets per person. With the prices of movie tickets nowadays, this is a steal at this price. It is almost as cheap as renting at RedBox. Read the rest of this entry

The Ultimate Matrix Collection On Blu-Ray For $27!

Anyone out there who’s a Matrix nut like myself, you might want to turn your attention to a sick ass deal on Amazon.com pronto. You can purchase the awesome 10 disc set for the small price of $26.99, which is practically a steal considering this is, in my opinion, the greatest movie trilogy of… EVAR! Yeah I said it. DO SOMETHING! Click the hyperlink above for the Amazon page.

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Bitchin’ Artwork: Amy Winehouse

This week’s submission pays respect to the late great Amy Winehouse. A talented musician with one of the most beautiful voices on the planet. Unfortunately, she’s another great superstar who lost the battle against drugs and alcohol, with her life being claimed last weekend at the young age of 27 (as if you guys didn’t know this already, I mean for Christ sake it was everywhere).

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Dead Island Gets A Novel

People are already calling Dead Island the “best zombie game of all time” and it hasn’t even launched yet. But when a game gets so much hype off of a trailer that it inspires someone to write a novel in it’s honor, then it’s pretty difficult to deny that there might be something special about the title.

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Rate It Or Hate It: Captain America

Within the massive onslaught of summer blockbuster films, stands one of the most iconic super heroes known to man. When you hear the name Captain America, you think of patriotism, strength, honor,  bravery and all that other triumphant “razmatazz” Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were aiming to instill in this renowned hero.  The “Cap” is kind of a big deal, so it’s only right that he redeem himself from his previous lackluster motion pictures with the direction of Marvel Studios. So was Captain America: The First Avenger able to accomplish this? I’ll give my two cents, which you are more than welcome to read (contains spoilers), but it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether or not this film lived up to the hype. All you have to do is skip to the bottom and rate this post, 1-5 stars.  The power is in your hands folks! Rate It Or Hate It! Read the rest of this entry

Sasha Grey Enters The Saints Row Universe

Sasha Grey has come quite a long way from her days of shoving massive cocks in her mouth. She’s become quite a joy to watch in the HBO hit show (one of my personal favorites) Entourage, she’s been a featured host on the “Top 100 Sexiest Music Videos” countdown on Fuse TV and now she’ll be doing some voice work for one of the most anticipated video games this year. Check out her interview on G4TV after the break.  Read the rest of this entry

Watch The Throne (Documentary)

Jay Z and Kanye West team up to bring this brilliant documentary as they are working on their collaborative project, “Watch The Throne.” Read the rest of this entry

Freddy Coming Back for a Fight

Warner Bros. is definitely on the go with DLC characters for the latest Mortal Kombat game. Today, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studio announced that Freddy Krueger is making his way as the next DLC character in Mortal Kombat for $5 or 400 MS Points. Check out the trailer for yourself.
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